We believe that People are not the problem. People are the solution

It is in the Interaction of People where we find solutions

We believe that People aspire to belong

and be PART of something bigger than themselves

who are YOU?

A Hero
Lawyers in Lobby

Are you a Leader?

A Coach?

An Agent?

A Consultant?

Or an Organization

with a Mission or Sense of Purpose?

who am i?

A Guide
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My name is Jorge Sciupac 

and as Strategic Thinking Partner,

My Mission and Passion

is to help you fulfill

your Mission and Passion

who are we?

Similing Team

We are a network of experts

collaborating and supporting

Mission-Minded Individuals

and Organizations

committed to the success of their clients, teams and supporters



A Service Professional or part of a Team or Organization?

A Leader, a Coach, an Agent, a Consultant

with a Project, a Plan, or a Presentation to make?

Is your goal to reach out to your Clients, your Team, your Audience

and help them succeed?

They may seem Indifferent, Distracted, Confused,

or even Resisting any guidance...

And you find yourself frustrated and concerned!

We can help you Bridge these Critical Gaps

and Achieve Strategic Results

with Smarter Partnering Strategies

Group Of Excited Fans


A dynamic global network of professionals from different backgrounds,

connected and united by a shared mission:

To Help you Achieve your Mission

It is our goal to support your efforts and facilitate the strategic execution

of your Projects, Plans, and Presentations

in a way that is Aligning, Engaging, and Committing Clients, Teams and Allies

Our expertise includes Marketing and Sales, Management and Operations,

Design and Innovation, Social Psychology, Neuroscience, and Communication

We help you Bridge these Implementation Gaps,

Manage the Transitions,

and Achieve Strategic Results

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" Real Magic lives in the Interactions"

Jorge Sciupac  


Jorge Sciupac has been called “A Strategic Thinking Partner”


As international speaker, author, coach and group facilitator based in Los Angeles, California, since 1979, he has developed and shared unique Marketing, Management, and Mentoring methods that expanded many well-known world-class organizations such as The J.P. Getty Trust, Callison, VTBS, Timberlake, EEK, MCG, and many others.


His strong interpersonal, technical, and creative skills have been media featured and peer recognized for results achieved in USA and numerous countries of three continents, leading more than 178 large programs and projects ranging from $10M to $ 900M each.

With a worldwide background in Business, Psychology, Architecture and Communications; as well as advanced education from prestigious schools such as Pepperdine, UCLA, USM, and UBA; Jorge became responsible for successfully leading international teams, departments, regionals offices, and companies in multiple industries.

As Executive Leader of PARTNERGIES since 1999, Jorge’s life has been dedicated to Professional and Organizational Development around the World by:

  • Facilitating external and internal execution of Partnering Strategies.

  • Building and sustaining bridges between people, ideas, and environments.

  • Coaching and leveraging the global power of knowledge sharing & learning.


After growing up around Latin-American restrictions and uncertainties, Jorge Sciupac traveled and changed environments, countries, cultures, careers, and companies, and as a result of it, he learned first-hand the value of thinking, working, and growing well with others, in particular those thinking and behaving differently.

When he is not speaking, working, traveling, or collaborating with clients, teams, friends, students and allies, Jorge enjoys spending time with family, volunteering for nonprofit organizations, reading, and occasional dancing. He is always experiencing synergies.

Jorge Sciupac could be reached at JES@Partnergies.com 

"Jorge is a bright light that illuminates every room. His ability to motivate and mentor is tremendous."

—  Alison Zeno, BCG Platinion